Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chili to Chili in Mole-Sauce City

At a festival in Puebla, Mexico, widely considered to be the gastronomic center of the country, restaurants promote their own versions of mole poblano.

36 Hours in Puebla, Mexico - By DAVID KAUFMAN for The New York Times

Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York Times

Puebla may be the gastronomic capital of Mexico, but there’s more to do in this wealthy city than just eat.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mesón Sacristía de Capuchinas

Mesón Sacristía de Capuchinas, located at two blocks from the main square, complete this particular concept with a modern's style which succeeds the perfect architecture balance in this XVIII' s century house. Its spacious luxury rooms will allow you to relax. The restaurant El Santuario is exclusively reserved for lodger guests.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía

Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía is situated in the most touristic zone in Puebla, recognized for its traditional gallery of antiques. You will enjoy the typical Pueblan cuisine and the daily live music offered at our restaurant. Each room is decorated with the finest antiques available for selling. Its original design will bring you to the XVIII City of Angels.

Cooking classes

Mesones Sacristía offers you a different an original way to meet and enjoy our mexican traditions through its gastronomy. You will be able to learn by the hand of our chef Alonso Hernández and a translator, to prepare the most traditional poblan and mexican dishes. In the same order you will slightly friendly with all kind of chiles, by using the most common prehispanic and home-made techniques in Mexico. The main objective is not only to share our culinary secrets, but to have a good and memorable time.


- 3 cooking-class hours: green and red sauces, our famous starter “chalupas”, the Pipián Verde, the Egg Nogs dessert, and Jamaica fresh water.
- Ingredients, Chef Alonso Hernández instruction, participation, apron and recipes.
- Tasting time
$49 USD per person

$49 USD per person


- 9-hours Mexican cooking course
- Ingredients, Chef Alonso Hernández instruction, participation, apron and recipes.
- Tasting time
Popular Market visit

$250 USD per couple